Detoxification Effects

The Only Way to Truly Quit Smoking is to Eliminate the Addictive Nicotine Through Detoxification

Cleansing the body from nicotine & toxins can help you kick the habit

Addiction detoxification is the process by which poisonous toxins and harmful substances are released through the body's unique metabolism. Smoking is a very harmful habit which releases dangerous chemical components inside of the body as well as nicotine which occupies nervous system as an addictive alkaloid. Once a substance habit has been achieved, the body relies on these particular components from time to time. (Sometimes very frequently, like smoking).

The herbal program addresses the detoxification of the body and subsequent elimination of the components related to smoking i.e., nicotine and smoke pollutants. This process occurs through blood cleaning and blood purification as well as the specific addressing of the release of nicotine from the nervous system. Similar to other substance detoxification, the body will naturally respond by physically reacting to the detoxification process.

In most cases, the individual, based on the level of their smoking addiction, will experience some of the following metabolic reactions:

Some nausea
Upset stomach
Slightly elevated blood pressure
Possible mild skin rash
Some swelling and water retention

In most cases of upset stomach and diarrhea, replacing lost fluid and electrolytes to prevent dehydration is the only treatment necessary. Try to avoid milk products and foods that are greasy, high-fiber, or very sweet. These foods tend to aggravate diarrhea. For cases of nausea and vomiting, eating olives, crackers or sucking on a lemon can calm the stomach by absorbing acid and excess fluid. Coke syrup is another proven remedy.

These symptoms are very normal and are no cause for concern. This is the body's natural way of displaying the road to better health in cases of severe addiction. Smoking is a severe addiction. Most if not all of these symptoms will subside within two/three days of starting the Herbal Program. If symptoms become too bothersome, decrease your dosage of Nutritional Support Formula 1. If symptoms persist for longer periods or become too severe, discontinue use and/or consult your doctor.

Herbs to Stop Smoking


Herbs are known to cleanse and purify with no harmful side effects

Herbs are all natural rememdies that work synergistically with the body without distrubing the natural balance within. They help regulate and tone glands to function normally, while they nourish and help stimulate the body's immune system.



Experience the healing power of nature

Burdock Root and Golden Seal Root are used to cleanse the body of tobacco and nicotine depoits. Kelp helps rid the body of toxic heavy metals, while Hyssop cleanses the lungs and relieves congestion.

How Does a Cleanse or Detox Work?

How to detoxify from nicotine & other toxins derived from smoking

A detoxification or cleansing of the body's organs is an attempt to increase the efficiency of the organs as well as rid the body of a buildup of toxins. When the major organs of elimination are overloaded by toxins, they begin to store these pollutants in the cells of the body where they can be harmful in various ways. Toxins can interfere with the normal biochemical pathways necessary for healthy bodily functions but we can also fight the onslaught of toxin overload with an herbal cleanse or detoxification.


The liver, lungs, and kidneys are the sites in the body where many toxins are biochemically altered into a form which can then be eliminated from the body through the colon, lungs, and kidneys. When toxins are biochemically broken down by the liver, the biochmically converted toxins are secreted back into the blood for eventual elimination by the lungs or kidneys or into the bile for elimination through the colon. A gentle stimulation of the organs of elimination will help in the metabolism and release of stored toxins.